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Diese Woche habe ich ein paar Bilder von den Innereien unserer Schule geschossen. Neben der gesamten First Certificate Class (ausser einem Typen der beim besten Willen nicht ernennens wert) sind auch noch ein paar Lehrkräfte und zwei, drei andere Schüler abgelichtet. Im zweiten Teil ist unser monatlicher Ausflug zu bewundern. Dieses mal hat es uns in die Bowling Hallen von Kearny Mesa verschlagen. Für Schweizer Verhältnisse ist dies wohl eine ziemlich grosse Anlage, da es dort genau 40 Bahnen hat. Wir besuchten diese Bowling Bahn letzten Freitag Nachmittag und das ganze hat mehr wie ein Altersheim ausgesehen. Bis auf die Bahnen die wir belegten und zwei, drei andere waren wirklich nur Spieler über 80 anzutreffen. Recht rüstig für das Alter, muss ich zugestehen:-)

Das Bowlen war recht lustig obwohl unser Team gnadenlos verloren hat. Wir waren nur zu dritt, da wir 40 Minuten Verspätung hatten. Das koreanische Mittagsbuffet war einfach zu gut und zu günstig. Am Ende gewann eine Gruppe japanischer Mädchen. Sie erhielten einen Starbucks Gutschein im Wert von 5$ pro Person. Die Freude war riesig!

Seht selbst......


Classroom No 15. It is the best room the school has because you have a breathtaking view on the sea. In the foreground you see some of the FCE students and in the background one of the FCE teachers. His name is Glenn and he is a funny teacher. We like to joke with him and he is joking with us. Besides this, we learn quite a lot in his classes. Special speaking and preparing for the FCE interview.

27.02.2003; 09:12

I took the pictures from another room through a window, that's why the quality is unfortunately not so good. This is a typical class room we use to have our classes inside. Usually we don't have this great view but the rooms are all the same.

27.02.2003; 09:13

Now our students. On the left side you see Marco. He is 19 years old and comes from ????? hmmmmm... no idea anymore. Not from Bern! At his right side is Nicola. A Zurich boy and 23 years old.

27.02.2003; 09:15

This two gentlemen are Mirco on the right side and Marcel on the left side.

27.02.2003; 09:15

This wonderful pants belongs to Glenn.

27.02.2003; 09:16

Here the girls. On the right is Carola and on the left is Sarah. We have seven boys and two girls in our class.

27.02.2003; 09:16

This young guy is Walther. A 45 years old IT staff member from CS in Zurich. He is also well-knows as Oldsack.

27.02.2003; 09:18

Last but not least: myself.

27.02.2003; 09:18


Now the heads not that interesting anymore but I have to show them too. The guy with the green jacket is Nicola and the one at his right side is Marco.

27.02.2003; 09:54

As I already mentioned, I tried to take the picture without the knowledge from the class that is why the Mirco is sitting behind the water bottle. But instead Mirco you can see at least Marcel.

27.02.2003; 09:54

Sarah on the left side and Carola on the right side.

27.02.2003; 09:54

That's the view! Sometimes it is quite hard to focus on what the teacher says because the ocean is just too beautiful and sometimes also amazing. While we were in class we have seen from this room whales and dolphins .

27.02.2003; 10:34

Glenn.... no idea what he is doing there.

27.02.2003; 10:34

Martha L. Delgadillo is the admissions coordinator from our school.

27.02.2003; 11:57

Nicole D'Angelo, our student advisor. She is one of the only native Californian i know. All the other guys I met here are from somewhere else in the USA.

27.02.2003; 11:57

Some students....

27.02.2003; 12;05

.... some student relationships for few months. This specific one is Swiss - Brasil. Unfortunately the girl left already and so Nicola might be alone again during the cold San Diego nights :-)

27.02.2003; 12:06

Kuni! Everybody knows Kuni. She is a kindergarten teacher from Tokio, Japan. Always funny and in a good mood. Her statement about her self: "I am a tomboy!"

27.02.2003; 12:37

Yasu. A car mechanic from Japan. Friendly and a surf boy like a great deal of the other guys from Japan.

27.02.2003; 12:37

This picture is actually a evidence in a sad story. Behind the wall built from books and papers you can see Euh-Nu. She is a korean girl who hates Mirco. That's why she built this wall. From my point of view, it tooks her a lot of courage to do something like this because it is completely against her asian education.

27.02.2003; 13:26

Another evidence. This belongs to Nicola. Such porn in our class rooms. It makes me sick! :-)

27.02.2003; 14:07

Our bowling event. The Kearny Mesa Bowling Center. This people are all from our school. Usually we had teams of six but in my case it was a team with only three players.

28.02.2003; 13:52

Quite the same picture.

28.02.2003; 14:37

Our team. Mitsue (sitting in the foreground), Aikiko (playing) and me (taking the picture).

28.02.2003; 14:38


Laurele and Michael, two teachers from our school. Both of them are teaching the advance classes in the afternoon.

28.02.2003; 14:49

Again our team. Guess which shoes belongs to who.

28.02.2003; 14:53


Beside the bowling event we had the second test exam last week. I did pretty well and reached already after 4 from 5 exams the needed score limit from 120 points. How it is looking right now, the question in my case will not be if I pass or not the question will be if I pass with a A,B or a C. A is the best one and to get this I need at least 180 points. For the moment I am in the range of a B that means between 160 and 180 points. However we will see. Only two more school weeks. Today I booked my flight to Mexico and my language course there. That means for you that the homepage will be updated in spanish :-) So improve your spanish skills as long you have time to do it.