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Ein verlängertes Weekend liegt hinter uns und bis zu den "spring-break" keine offiziellen Feiertage mehr vor uns. Schade! Letzten Freitag feierte Amerika Valentinsday. Im Gegensatz zur Schweiz ist dies hier ein wirklich grossartiges Ereignis für Jung, Alt, Verliebt oder nicht. Wie schon einmal erwähnt, die Geschäfte sind vollgestopft mit irgendwelchen Plüschhasen, roten künstlichen Rosten und sonstigem unnützen Plunder. Selbst in der Schule haben wir in der Pause irgenwelche amerikanischen Dinger gegessen, die sie hier als Torte bezeichnen. Aber um ehrlich zu sein, vergesst diese Dinger. Die schmecken beim besten Willen nicht fein und bestehen wohl zu 99,9 % aus Zucker. Gestern Montag hatten wir frei, da "President Day" war. Diese Feiertage in den Staaten haben aber nichts mit den Feiertagen zu tun, wie wir sie kennen. Wenn ich jeweils nicht im voraus wüsste, dass wieder so ein Feiertag ist, würde ich es nicht bemerken. Alles scheint genau gleich weiterzulaufen wie ein normaler Arbeitstag. Der einzige Unterschied ist wohl, dass die öffentlichen Ämter geschlossen haben. Wie auch immer, ich habe wiederum ein paar Bilder upgeloaded und hoffe, dass eines oder zwei darunter sind, die euch gefallen.

Bis nächste Woche!



Claires wonderful Valentinesday decoration in our kitchen. Exactely this things you can buy all over in the shops and departmant stores in the entire country. Amazing how much money the american gain with such puplic days. It's definately a good thing for everyone with an own business.

14.02.2003; 15:09

My Valentinesday present from Claire and from Psycho. "You are the cat's meow!" is an old fashioned idiom and means just that I am a wonderful guy! :-)

14.02.2003; 15:32

Some Harley-Davidson drivers in Carlsbad at a petrol station. Carslbad is about 30 minuts from San Diego by car. It is situated between San Diego and Los Angeles at the Oceanside.

15.02.2003; 14:40

Carlsbad outlet. I like the american stores such as this ones here. You have a big deal of diffrent stores at the same place and you can find sometimes really cheap clothes, shoes or whatever. Special now is a great time to make some good deals because the winter clearance is still in progress.

15.02.2003; 14:54

Again Carlsbad outlet.

15.02.2003; 14:54

This picture is taken at the beach between Carlsbad and Solano. Solano beach is a beautiful place! A great many of small stores directely next to the beach. The sand is white and really fine.

15.02.2003; 17:12

The same place but the other side from the beach.

15.02.2003; 17:12

This natural "spectacel", you can find quite often. On one side you still have the sun on the sky on the other side you see alredy the moon. It is just a pretty play.

15.02.2003; 17:36

Fuc....... Psycho! It is for me not possible to do something. He is always bother me. It starts already in the morning that time I prepare my breakfast. This time he usually drinks my milk from my cornflakes and jumpes on my keyboard from my laptop. He likes to sit on my shoulder just how you see on the picture.

16.02.2003; 16:33

WOW! What a amazing building! This is the mormon temple in La Jolla. One of the most beautiful buildings I ever have seen. Special during the night it is like a magic place, taking you in its spirit

16.02.2003; 22:11

The same temple but the photo is taken from another place. Still powerful.

16.02.2003; 22:16

San Diego by night. In the middle of the picture you can see again the mormon temple. The picture is taken from an exciting place. It is called Mont Soledad. This hill is next to my house. On its top you see over the whole city until Tijuana. The place is beautiful during day and night time!

16.02.2003; 22:30

Some other pictures......

16.02.2003; 22:32

..... up from the hill.

16.02.2003; 22:33

Last week I wrote, that I got this ugly park ticket. Here it is! $ 35 for parking in the two hours park space. Unfortunately my car was there about 2 days maybe because I diden't find another place to park the car.

17.02.2003; 11:16

Now a sad story. What do you see on the righthand side? Yes, it is a normal swiss ID. As you maybe know, you have to be 21 years to enter a disco, to enter a bar or to play billard if they have some alcoholic drinks you can order. But it is troublesomely to carry all the time the passport. So I decided to enter the club by using the swiss ID. NO WAY! Sometimes they don't accept the passport too, then you have real problems. Maybe they are just to stupid to read, maybe they are just to tired to try it. However, sometimes I get quite angry with this laboringly way they treat you.

17.02.2003; 11:17

Stone Canyon, the Condo where Tiger's uncle and aunt live.

17.02.2003; 12:52

A relaxing place next to Carmel Country Road in the northeast from San Diego.

17.02.2003; 12:53

Mile of Cars way. There are hunderts of cars at the street. Amazing, what they offer to you. Mitusbishi as example offers their clients a no payment at all until 2004. That means if you buy a new Mitsubishi today, you don't have to pay any cent until 2004!

17.02.2003; 13:26

....still the same street.....

17.02.2003; 13:27

....once more.....

17.02.2003; 13:42

..... yellow sportscar.....

17.02.2003; 13:47

....and finaly Mossy Nissan. From my point of view Mossy is one of the largest car dealers here in San Diego. It is amazing how many diffrent brands he deals with. Not only Nissan also Toyota, Buick, Cadillac, Ford and some more.

17.02.2003; 13:57

Here are also a lot of cars you never see in Switzerland. Some of them are just to big to be driven on our small streets but some of them would be really nice to have in Switzerland.

17.02.2003; 13:59

After this arduously sightseeing between all the cars, Tiger and I enjoyed a small chinese restaurant at Horton Plaza in Downtown San Diego.

17.02.2003; 14:57

San Diego firefighters!

17.02.2003; 15:27

And por fin, Tiger with his brandnew Landrover in front of my appartment.

17.02.2003; 16:45


Wish you a wonderful week!

El Tomato