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Eine anstrengende Woche liegt hinter mir. Wenig Schlaf, immer unterwegs und dann noch die Schule und die Aufgaben waren manchmal ein wenig viel aber es hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt :-) Letzte Woche ist eigentlich nichts aussergewöhnliches passiert ausser, dass ich meine erste Busse bekommen habe. Scheiss Cops wie die Amis sagen. Mein Auto stand dummerweise zulange auf einem 2 Stunden Parkplatz und dies kostet mich nun $ 35. Wie dem auch sei und solange nichts dazu kommt, bin ich gar nicht so traurig wenn ich dies bezahlen muss. Während dem Weekend besuchte ich die Wüste in Kalifornien und daneben noch Palm Springs. Dieser Ort war eine Enttäuschung. Irgendwie habe ich mit diesem Namen zuviel verknüpft und demenstprechend hoch waren meine Erwartungen. Palm Springs ist ein Nest in mitten der Wüste und ein paar anderen Nestern. Keine speziell schönen Häuser, die Natur ist auch nicht wirklich aussergewöhnlich. Das einzige interessante ist die Strasse die mitten durch den Ort führt und wo sich wohl das Nachtleben abspielen muss. Da ich nur kurz Sonntags reinschaute, kann ich hier leider nichts über das Nachtleben berichten. Nebst diesem könnt ihr diesesmal ein paar Bilder von den Highways und Freeways betrachten:-)

Viel Spass.

PS. Ein wichtiges Ereignis habe ich vergessen zu erwähnen. Es hat nun das Mal geregnet seit ich hier bin und es ist immer noch am regnen! Ich denke mir, dass Wasser ist ein Segen und tut dem Land gut.

About one hour from San Diego by car you can find this wonderful place. It looks like a huge hill build with stones. Amazing to see something like this!

08.02.2003; 12:39

The only thing you see are stones, stones and stones. Unfortunatelly, I did not take a lot of pictures of this place, because I had to drive and it was almost unpossible to stop for a break.

08.02.2003; 12:39

Always fun and sometimes quite good food: the IHOP restaurant. Often the IHOP's are together with the International House of Pancakes. A great place to get lucky for a moment and fat for the rest of the life.

08.02.2003; 14:33

The desert or at least a peace of it. In the background you see the Salton lake. Amazing place, because the water of this lake is really salty and all the fishes living inside are salt water fishes.

08.02.2003; 16:22

"Rolling House"! The easiest way to move from one place to the other without hiring a movement company. You need just a strong car and a place to settle down. That's it!

08.02.2003; 16:28

The house is build on wheels. Don't ask me how they deal with the taxes:-)

08.02.2003; 16:29

Salton Lake. It's water is darkblue and kind of stinky if you are close to it. But it worthy anyways to visit this place if you are already next to Palm Springs or San Diego.

08.02.2003; 16:51

Wow! A orange tree! Great to have this delicious and healthy fruits direct in front of your hotel room and you need just to go and to gather them.

09.02.2003; 10:03

Windmills next to Palm Springs. There are a great deal of them in the desert, used to win energy. From my point of view, it is a really reasonable idea to win energy on this way.

09.02.2003; 10:32


09.02.2003; 10:32

....and the dog park in Palm Springs. There is the place, which a lot of our four legged friends meet them to practice together some funny dog parcours and to chat about their two legged masters.

09.02.2003; 11:38

In the foreground a street which belongs to Palm Spring and in the background the stone desert direct behind the city.

09.02.2003; 12:03

The evidence that Palm Springs really exist. Hyatt Regency Suites for $ 350 per night.

09.02.2003; 12:15

Who is Bob Hope? I am not quite sure but for me it was the name which sounded most famous to me. The picture is still taken in Palm Springs and has nothing to do with Hollywood.

09.02.2003; 12:16

The one and only interesting street in Palm Street. This street is sorrounded by restaurants and a lot of boutiques and clothes store.

09.02.2003; 12:20

Harley Davidson for ever. The desert is an ideal place to drive the motorcycle during wintertime because it is always warm and it's rarely raining.

09.02.2003; 13:16

What a car! Great, special and tomato red.

09.02.2003; 13:18

Again some of the windmills in the desert.

09.02.2003; 14:13

Someone moving with his house. Or at least with 50 % of his house. The other 50 % were already in front of and I have seen them some miles later.

09.02.2003; 15:35

Back in San Diego at Coronado Beach. Beautiful beach! If the weather is good, there are a lot of people enjoying swimming, sunbathing or just hanging around and do nothing.

09.02.2003; 16:39

Some more impressions of this wonderful place....

09.02.2003; 16:42 of my absolut favorite pictures....

09.02.2003; 16:47

.... and then one of my absolut terrible pictures. Sometimes you have to see also the less beautiful things in life like the cold water in the background. On the opposite you see this powerful, good looking, smart and goal oriented young guy. What a pitty, that I don't have his address:-)

09.02.2003; 16:55

As I already mentioned befor, during this days it is the first time which the weather is not just beautiful. It is raining dog and cats and it makes not much fun to go out right now.

11.02.2003; 17:05

Let's change the topic to the american public streets. Highways, freeways, avenues, parkways, ways and much more possibilities to drive your car from one point to the other. On the right-hand side you see the Freeway number 5 coming down from Los Angeles and ends at the mexican border in Tijuana.

11.02.2003; 17:18

Still on the number 5 south.

11.02.2003; 17:21

Downtown San Diego, taken from number 5.

11.02.2003; 17:24


This is also a freeway. The 94 east or the Martin Luther King Junior freeway east. Compared to the number 5, this freeway is smaller and normally also less used.

11.02.2003; 17:34

Still on the 94 east.

11.02.2003; 17:37

Recently I had no money left and I decided to go to the american Navy. Unfortunatelly, they don't accept foreigners for their army and so I had to sing on the street to get some coins for the McDonald.

11.02.2003; 19:06


That's it from this week flashback. Not really exciting but sometimes live is just ordinary and nothing special happend. Next monday is President Day here in the USA. Good for us because the school is closed and we have again a long weekend and a great many time to do some homework!

Have a good week!