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Die Schule organisiert am Ende jedes Monats einen Ausflug irgendwohin. Letztes Wochenende war ein "Whale watching" angesagt. Dieses Ereignis habe ich versucht ein wenig auf den Fotos festzuhalten. Leider sahen wir die Wale nicht wirklich nah neben unserem Schiff. Unten seht ihr aber ein paar Bilder von diesem Ausflug. Neben dem "Whale watching" besuchte ich letztes Weekend noch Tijuana, die Grenzstadt auf der mexikanischen Seite zu San Diego. Es war ein lustiges und trinkintensives Wochenende unter der mexikanischen Sonne :-)

Ausserdem hatten wir einen Probelauf für mein First Certificate. Es war ein realer Test aus dem Jahr 1998. Um den Test zu bestehen benötigt man 120 Punkte von 200 möglichen Punkten. Glücklicherweise war ich nicht allzuschlecht und konnte dieses Test Examen bereits mit 138.5 Punkten abschliessen. Dies gibt mir die Hoffnung, dass ich schlussendlich das FCE bestehen werde ohne allzugrosse Anstrengungen auf mich nehmen zu müssen und diese Energie in andere Angelegenheiten stecken kann :-)

Have fun!


"Whale watching" with the entire school. But befor you can see the whales you see the warships in the harbor of San Diego. There are a lot of them. San Diego is a big military place in the USA.

31.01.2003; 13:41

Two of our japanese students.

31.01.2003; 13:45

Powerful picture! Downtown San Diego in the background and the american flag in front of.

31.01.2003; 14:02

Juliana, one of the brasilian girls from the school.

31.01.2003; 14:13

Mitsue, another japanese girl. She is always funny and likes to dress herself fashionable.

31.01.2003; 14:15

One of the battleship used to protect the american west coast.

31.01.2003; 14:51

WOW! Here it comes. The first whale we saw. Unfortunately, we have seen always only the back and rarely the fin of the whale. They say, to see the fin brings luck, so I was looking for to see one of them....

31.01.2003; 15:04

...and finally I saw one. Regretfully, it is not so exactly visible on this picture.....

31.01.2003; 15:05

...but then I catched one really next to my camera!!! WHAT luck!!!!

31.01.2003; 15:07

CarryAnn's frontside. She is one of our teachers.

31.01.2003; 15:09

And CarryAnn's backside :-)

31.01.2003; 15:24

Beside the flattops, the battleships, the war helicopters, the jet fighter we saw also this submarine. As I alreay mentioned, San Diego is a huge military base for the Marines.

31.01.2003; 15:45

Formula one or what?


31.01.2003; 16:15

Playas, Tijuana, Mexico. This was our room for the weekend. Next to the bycicles and other nine persons during our stay. Kind of crowded place but next to Tijuana City.

01.02.2003; 03:22

The living room. Normally, in this flat live four boys. These boys have no parents and Claire gives them the possibilitie to have a almost ordered live.

01.02.2003; 03:22

The kitchen. In the middle you can see a typical mexican food called: Quatamole (don't ask me how it is spelled)

01.02.2003; 03:34

Walthi after our first night. Later on he told us, that the Tequila was not so good for his health and that he felt bad in the next morning.

01.02.2003; 12:31

Here you see a mess of a bathroom. I really haven't seen a place like this befor. Everything seemed to be just threw in a corner... Not really my taste.

01.02.2003; 12:32


We arrived at this place in the night and I really liked the sound of the sea. But Ididen't see the beach this time because it was night and completely dark. This was the picture I got the next day... Ohohoho.. all my impressions were gone.

01.02.2003; 12:34

A stylish mexican car.

01.02.2003; 13:37

Oldsack (Walther) and Youngsack (Yong Suk) on the street next to the beach in the outskirts of Tijuana called "Playas".

01.02.2003; 15:09

Hehehehe... I almost died as I have seen Tiger's underwear the first time... and I still die!

02.02.2003; 12:05

This is Peliculo, the mexican dog. He is really funny and looks like a sheep.

02.02.2003; 12:16

Tiger few years ago as he was young.

02.02.2003; 12:18

This is a really delicious restaurant in Playas.The first time we went there, Tiger was shocked by the prices. They were written in Pesos and he didn't understand that. So he was going to pay for his fish taco about $45. But indeed it was 45 Pesos and only $ 4.50. We diden't tell him the truth and he was angry afterwards because he had still hunger. (He chose the cheapest meal on the card)

02.02.2003; 13:37

The bullfight arena in Playas...

02.02.2003; 14:07

...and the beach.

02.02.2003; 14:15


This is, was and will always be the highlight of our mexican trip. Tiger in his underwear. After I have seen this picture I was able to understood why they tell him Tiger :-)))

Just fascinating!!!

01.02.2003; 13:07


For the next week I don't see any challange in my daily life. There is no big trip or something else planned. But as I have learned, things come mostly absolutely suddenly and so I am looking forward to experience something new.

By the way, weather getting better and better every day! How is the weather in switzerland :-)

Take care, el Mexicano!