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Einmal mehr habe ich die Homepage ein bisschen mit neuen Bildern ausgestattet! Leider sind es aber wirklich nur eine Hand voll neuer Bilder, da ich nichts spezielles besucht habe wo ich die Kamera so einfach mitnehmen konnte! Das Thema der vergangenden Woche war der Super Bowl! Wie schon einmal erwähnt, wohl das wichtigste Ereignis in der modernen (so alt ist die USA ja gar nicht :-)) amerikanischen Geschichte nebst dem 4. Juli! Die Stadt war voll mit Party wütigen Amis aus dem ganzen Land. UNVORSTELLBAR was da so alles abging :-) Leider konnte ich die Kamera nicht immer mitnehmen und daher sind wirklich nur brave Bilder auf meiner Page!

See ya next week!


Psycho and I in my room. In this moment he is still a male cat, but unfortunately this will change next monday! Then I have to bring him to the doctor and afterwards he just will be as Chigu is now:-)

21.01.2003; 20:57

That was my day! I took my practise drive test at the DMV in San Diego. After 10 minuts of driving with my expert we drove back and she told me that I am a great driver! (As I always say, isn't Murat?)

22.01.2003; 15:12

Viejas! It's an Indian preserve on the way to Arizona. In California it's prohibited to gamble. But the Indians get the right to do this on their own land. So we went there last friday night to play Black Jack and some other games. I spendet 6 $ and won 360 $. It was quite a successful night for me:-)

25.01.2003; 16:09

Beside the huge casino, Viajas is also an exciting place to buy clothes, shoes or just to do shopping because of the innumerable outlets at this place.

25.01.2003; 16:09

The main entrance to the casino.

25.01.2003; 16:10

An artificial waterfall in the shopping area of Viajas.

20.01.2003; 16:12

Viajas by night. The photo was taken from the car that's why it is not that good.

25.01.2003; 18:55

San Diego Downtown at the 26. of January! SUPER BOWL DAY! Normally the streets are crowded during the weekend. Not this weekend. The usually energetically town turned almost to a ghost city. Everyone watched football. But all the bars and pubs were the ideal place to enjoy this enormous spectacle together with friends and other fans.

26.01.2003; 15:51

Okay of course there were also some guys where didn't enjoy at all the game! This two friends are also looking a little bit bored. We had a teacher where extra left the town to spend some relaxing days out of the city!

26.01.2003; 15:52

...some more fans...

26.01.2003; 15:52

... some of them took the favor of the time to show their opinion about different topics in our world....

26.01.2003; 15:53

.... but the majority of the people were just interested in the game and the parties around the game in the gaslamp district of San Diego.

26.01.2003; 15:54

Beside all the fans attended about 200 radio and TV stations the game. Unfortunatelly, I took the picture 2 sec to early and we can't see the whole TV guy :-)

26.01.2003; 15:55

Yong-Suk in front of a crowded place.

26.01.2003; 15:56

I don't know if this guy is a policeman or just a guy driving his convertible through the streets. However it's a funny car!

26.01.2003; 15.57

Almost like the Street Parade in Zurich. The only difference is the sound. Here they play most of time Rap and Hip-Hop and rarely techno or house.

26.01.2003; 16:00

....just another interesting view.....

26.01.2003; 16:02

Another bar with some fans watching the game. But remember, if you are not 21 forget about this places! Even in the afternoon you have no chance to enter them! Not to drink a coke not to listen to music not to go to the restroom! If you are under 21 in the USA you are just a nothing in the nightlife.

26.01.2003; 16:05

Such cars you found all over the city. They were used as a portable funk station to send their pictures or they radio interviews to the people at home.

26.01.2003; 16:12

That's the way how the American get prepaired for their taxes :-))) Claire really loves to do it!!!

29.01.2003; 16: 43

Last but not least:

Tatata!!! Here she is for the first time visible on my homepage! Claire D. Summer my host mother while my stay in the USA.

24.01.2003; 18:55

and once more!!!

24.01.2003; 18:55

29.01.2003; 17:10

So that's already all I can offer you for this week. Maybe next week I get some nice pictures for you from Tijuana, Mexico! I will spend the weekend with Claire and Yong-Suk in Tijuana.Claire owns there a condo and so we can live there whenever we want to. If you are interested for the weather condition right now:

Sunny weather, darkblue sky and temperature about 27 degree. So it's quite okay to stay right now here :-)

I wish you a good week, enjoy the coldness in switzerland.

See you next week!