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Welcome back! Schön, dass ihr wieder auf meine Seite schaut um die dritte Woche meines USA Aufenthaltes etwas näher unter die Lupe zu nehmen. In dieser dritten Woche war ganz schön was los!Wie ihr auf den folgenden Bildern sehen könnt! Ich habe das eine und andere erlebt, organisiert und bin ganz schön im Dschungel der amerikanischen Bürokratie rum gekommen!!

Seht selbst and enjoy it!!!

Last thursday was THE day! I took for the first time in my life a theoretical driving exam at the DMV in San Diego to get my US driving license.

16.01.2003; 13:03



The first thing you have to do is to take a number in the line, so you know when you are the next to proceed.

16.01.2003; 13:24

Again the DMV from outside. Inside it's always full. It took me about 4 hours to wait and to do my test. But at least you can do it the same day you want to do it.

16.01.2003; 13:27

First I got a form where I had to fill out the necessary information about myself, my address and further details they need to know.

16.01.2003; 14:35

Again the form! After this form i had to take an eye test and I passed this without problems. But to be honest, the letters were just to BIG and also a blind bunny would see them. Then came the really hard part of the whole thing. They took my fingerprint! Now I am registered for my entire life in a USA database :-(((( NOT FUNNY!

16.01.2003; 14:36

That's the test. About 36 questions... and I chosed it in english!!!! Some questions were quite hard because i didn't understand their meaning in German... but finally I PASSED! Juhuiiiiiii

16.01.2003; 16:03

That's my temporary driver license! Now i know also how tall I am: HT: 6-00 and my weight is about 176!

16.01.2003; 16:32

Here a picture from America Most Wanted :-)))

16.01.2003; 16:34

In front of the DMV I found this wonderful Nissan! Why for christ sake do we not have such cars in switzerland???

16.01.2003; 16:59

Once more a wonderful view on this sport car from Japan.

16.01.2003; 17:01

That's my school. It's in front of the ocean but I diden't took a picture from the sea.

18.01.2003; 09:28

The entrance to the school. It's located in a nice building faced to the main street from La Jolla.

18.01.2003; 09:29

Here they are!!! Yong-Suk (Young-Sack) on the left-hand side and Walthi (Old-Sack) on the right-hand side. Both are really good guys!!!

18.01.2003; 09:33

That's the view on the main street in front of the School.

18.01.2003; 09:37

From the other curbe.

18.01.2003; 09:41

Last saturday we visited with some others from our school the "San Diego Wild Animal Park". On the left side you see Sara (she is a goddam barefaced swiss girl, nobody really likes her expect 2,3 other girls from school). The girl with the blue hut is Saki (A really nice and funny japanese girl). On the right-hand side is a girl from Istanbul, turkey. But I don't remember her name. She is quite, that's all what I can say about her.

18.01.2003; 11:28

Walthi and Chris from Switzerland.

18.01.2003, 11:30

So now some impression of the really animal friendly Animal Park!

18.01.2003; 11:48


18.01.2003, 11:52

....mum and baby animals.....

18.01.2003; 12:07

.....the huge area of the park...

18.01.2003; 12:08

...the railway we used to cross the park......

18.01.2003; 12:10

....inside the railway.....

18.01.2003; 12:12

... another animals....

18.01.2003; 12:14

.... water and animals...

18.01.2003; 12:15

....kind of swiss alps....

18.01.2003; 12:18


18.01.2003; 12:19

.... a restaurant guest....

18.01.2003; 13:01

They got a really funny bird show in the park. Here is one of the stars of the show. (The eagle not the guy!!!)

18.01.2003; 13:54

This two parrots were really funny! They have been singing, chatting and other funny things.

18.01.2003, 14:02

The most small form of a giraffe.

18.01.2003; 14:32

Our group in the park.

18.01.2003; 14:39

A nice place for some water birds.

18.01.2003; 14:44

Yong-Suk and Tomi Tomato the korean-swiss dream team :-)

18.01.2003; 15:02

A real giraffe!

18.01.2003; 15:10

What a nice picture in the middle of the park!

18.01.2003; 16:02

One of my siblings :-)

18.01.2003; 16:16

...and finally the entrance to the Animal Park. All in all it was a really nice afternoon we spended inside!

18.01.2003; 16:34

Yong-Suk and me on the roof of the Horton Plaza parking. Behind the wonderful skyline Downtown San Diego.

19.01.2003; 14:46

Do you know SUPER BOWL????? If not, here are some pictures about the most important event ever in the United States of America! This year the Super Bowl will be held in San Diego at the 26. of january. The town will be one big party place during the next weekend and the best thing ever: I AM HERE TOO!!!!!!!!!!! drink,drink,drink,drink,drink :-)))

19.01.2003; 15:06

Here one of the most popular player of this year: Mr. TOMI TOMATO!!!! He plays for the NFL sicne 12 years and is one of the most successfully players ever!!!

19.01.2003; 15:16

Some pictures related to the big exposition next to the convention center in San Diego downtown.

19.01.2003; 15:19

Here you can buy everything around football and the NFL.

19.01.2003; 15:22

... NFL...

19.01.2003; 15:32

.... NFL...

19.01.2003; 15:34

Look at this car, truck or whatever! What the fuck is a Smart??? A tool for babies???

19.01.2003; 15:42


19.01.2003; 16:12

SUPER BOWL XXXVII, that's what happend in 5 days from now :-)))

19.01.2003; 16:16

Really nice picture taken next to Mission Bay and the airport of San Diego.

19.01.2003; 17:12

No, this is not a photo montage, this is how the airplanes come over the buildings to land on the international Airport of San Diego! (Unfortunatelly my digital cam is not so fast to take really good pictures if a plane is landing)

19.01.2003; 17:19

And there it goes.......

19.01.2003; 17:19

How to become a real american?? First you need a MovieWatcher card for the movies....

21.01.2003; 17:59

.... and then a VONS member card. That's it! The next card i will get is my american driving license! Tomorrow....

21.01.2003; 17:59

21:01.2003; 20:38

So that's it for this week edition! Please "drückät mär au der dumä für morn am nami" and have a good time till next week for a new issue of "La Jolla news".

Take care!

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