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Neue Woche neues Glück! Hier ein paar weitere Schnappschüsse aus meiner privaten Sammlung... Diesesmal habe ich leider nichts wirklich aussergewöhnliches zu bieten! Sorry zu allen Fans der Sauereien! Gebe mir Mühe wieder was originelles anzustellen, damit ihr auf die Rechnung kommt :-))

Enjoy IT!!!!!

Rini is leaving after one week in the USA. It was just a little bit too much for him. New language, new peoples, new enviroment... Unfortunately he cancelled his stay after only 1 week of spending time in the beautiful La Jolla area. I still think this was a BIG mistake. But however live is going on....

11.01.2003; 5:51



Bye bye Rini! Have a quiet flight back to cold switzerland :-)

11.01.2003; 05:51

San Diego Airport early at a saturday morning in January.

11.01.2003; 05:55

Still the Airport!

11.01.2003; 5:58

Here he is!!! My new wonderful, fast, quite, german made car... okay he is not new anymore, he is old (96)! You are right he is not wonderful, he is a fucking noisy, dirty car, I have to use at least for one month! I think we will be never friends :-)

11.01.2003; 06:13

Ahhhhhhh, that would be much nicer! But this is the car of my host mother Claire.... No way, i will never drive this car :-(( (At least I think so)

11.01.2003; 06:15

Christian. I don't go in the same class as he do, but he used to go to school together with Rini.

11.01.2003; 15:39

Christian 2. He goes together with me in the FCE class. Somewhere from Zurich and always kind of lustfully :-)

11.01.2003; 15:42

WHAT CRAZY GUY!!! This is crazy surfboy. Thaisack (don't ask me how to spell it the right way!) spends everyday beetwen 2 and 5 hours on the surfboard! The absolutely surfking of our La Jolla Students!

11.01.2003; 15:47

Hmmm.. my eyes are not that good anymore.. but it must be advertisement, I think.

12.01.2003; 16:31

WOW! That must be the american way of asking to get married!!! Even I had to think about such an offert!

12.01.2003; 16:32

Some impressions from my neighborhood.

12.01.2003; 16:38

Juhuiiiiii!!!! I like them a lot. Black, beautiful and tooooo fast!

12.01.2003; 16:41

The American likes everything a little bit bigger, higher, taller or faster! One more example therefor.

12.01.2003; 16:43

A skelett of a new house.

12.01.2003; 16:47

Back to hard reality! That's my desk in my room. Full of homework i had to do. To be honest, it's not that easy to take this class. We got 3 diffrent teacher and all of them really wants us to learn a lot and difficult things....

12.01.2003; 19:58

So! Let's turn to something really interesting! That's me... doing housework... What are you thinking now???? Nope, you are wrong! This is a part of a deal beetwen Claire and me! I do the cleaning of the floor...

13.01.2003, 15:49

...really careful and absolutly dependably!

13.01.2003; 15:49

Here is the other part of our deal:-)

13.01.2003, 16:06

As you see, once more i don't need to clean and to wash my clothes by myself! Thank you very much Claire!!!!!

13.01.2003; 16:07

Kind of internet language study.

13.01.2003; 16:07

Today we visited the Birch Aquarium ,Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

(University of California at San Diego)

14.01.2003; 15.58

Some impressions....

14.01.2003; 16:05

... full of colors....

14.01.2003; 16:13

.... absolutely special fishes...

14.01.2003; 16:33

....and secret creatures.

14.01.2003; 16:34

View from the UCSD Aquarium down at Scripps Beach.

14.01.2003; 16:37

Inside they showed more or less interesting things about the sea.

14.01.2003; 16:42

Sharks, insight and outside the water!

14.01.2003; 16:45

one more!

14.01.2003, 16:47

In front of the aquarium.

14.01.2003; 16:52

A corean friend from school. His name is Yong-Suk.

14.01.2003; 16:59

So, last but not least tomi tomato!

14.01.2003; 17:02

14.01.2003; 22:02

So again the last picture for this week! I hope you enjoy this updates and you look really carefully at the pictures because it takes me always a fucking long time to create this pages! If not, let me know so i will stop to update the pics and to write my fingers wound .-))

See ya and have fun!

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