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Das letzte grosse Ereignis stand letzte Woche vor der Türe. PACKEN..... Irgendwie habe ich es ein bisschen zu gut mit mir gemeint und doch ziemlich kräftig eingekauft. Nebst all den Geschenken, Kleidern, DVD's und sonstigem Geschmäus hatte ich dummerweise auch noch ziemlich viele Kleider von der Schweiz mit nach Amerika gebracht. Dies hat sich beim Packen ein wenig gerächt. Glücklicherweise waren Simsalabim und Muratchen mit von der Party und so konnten sie wenigstens einen Teil meines Gepäckes tragen und über den Zoll bringen. Wäre ich alleine gewesen, hätte ich nie und nimmer all die Gepäckstücke mit in die Schweiz bringen können.

Ausserdem besuchten wir ein letztes Mal Tijuana um dort ein wenig zu shoppen. Die Stadt sieht während dem Tag komplett anders aus als während der Nacht. Die Ave. Revolucion verwandelt sich von der lauten und mit Rauch gefüllten Partystrasse zu einer mit vielen kleinen Läden und Geschäften umsäumten Strasse.

Ein weiteres Ding das ich ein letztes Mal machen konnte war Sushi und das beste Sandwich in town essen.

Alles in allem eine gelungene und witzige Woche. Seht selbst.....


01.05.03; 11:06

The best sandwich in town.

Forget all the sandwich stores like Subway. If you are there around go to Key Chae who is the owner of Wine Time & Delicatessen! This store is located in La Jolla downtown and you will get there the best sandwich which you have ever eaten in your entire live! I guarantee for this.

01.05.03; 11:10

Mr. and Mrs. sandwich. I went there several times through my stay in La Jolla. Key is Tiger's uncle and an original. The conversations with him were always funny and I could always learn something from him. It was also really interesting to chat with him over the whole world situation.

01.05.03; 11:13

The Gabbler!!!!! My absolutely preferd one..... Ahhhhh, lock at this sandwich and tell me you are not in love with . I can't belive it!!! It tastes even better than it looks.

01.05.03; 11:16

The three cabrones with their sandwiches.

01.05.03; 12:10

After we enjoyed our sandwiches we went for a last time to Tijuana to do shopping. This is the way you have to cross if you want to cross the border by feet. It is a special feeling to cross the border because you know that on the other side everything is different. I think it is a very sad place and many people die every month because they try to cross the border to work somewhere in the USA for a better live.

The border of Tijuana is the most crossed border in the world per day.


01.05.03; 12:11

They could not wait to go to TJ (Tijuana). But before you cross this door be sure about that all your papers are okay. If not, you will have serious problems to come back to the USA and maybe you have to wait for hours before they help you to come back. @?§**##

01.05.03; 11:12

I like the mexican way of art. It shows also their way of having babies in a really young age.

01.05.03; 11:20

Welcome to Revolucion. Ave. Revolucion is the world famous name of this place of eternal pleasure. As I already mentioned before, the place is completely changing during the night.

01.05.03; 11:20

The same street but on the other side.

01.05.03; 14:01

This huge arc is visible also from the USA and shows every stranger where he can find the Revolucion. I really like this arc and I think it is a good way to say hello to some strangers and night owls.

01.05.03; 14:02

A native indian is showing his way of life.

01.05.03; 14:22

After we bought what we needed to buy we went back by a cab to the border. On the way back to the border we crossed this lovely swiss cross.

01.05.03; 14:28

Still Tijuana but in front of the border. Sometimes the crowd is waiting until here to cross the border. Fortunatelly this time it was no problem to cross the border because it was in the middle of the afternoon and also during the week.

01.05.03; 14:30

What are this bicycles doing there? A crazy story! If there are waiting hunderts of people you can rent one of this bicycles and cross the border in a really short time by using the bicycle. You just need to take one of them and then you are allowed to cross by using the bicycle lane. Crazy, very crazy I think.

01.05.03; 14:31

The car drivers had to wait for a long time that afternoon. The line was almost not finishing and some of them got really nervous. It must be a really bad life if you have to cross the border every single day to work in the USA and to go back in the evening. Hours in this traffic jam.


01.05.03; 14:33

These guys are waiting to see someone of the mexican border police to get a Visa or something like this.

01.05.03; 14:34

The american eagle.

01.05.03; 14:35

:-) Just crazy....

01.05.03; 14:36

Maybe the mexican and the american police have a kind of deal with this bikes and they get a good money by renting them. Who knows?

01.05.03; 14:51

The inspection area on the american side. If you stay one day there, you will have to wait for a long, a very long time until you can cross the border then.

01.05.03; 14:53

A last glance to Tijuana from the american side of the border.

Bye bye, maybe in another year, maybe not.

01.05.03; 15:11

Next to the border is this duty and tax free shop. A box of cigarettes costs only 10 US dollar. In switzerland it is at least three times more.

01.05.03; 15:15

Simsalabim and Kuru doing their important business in the mens toilette in the duty free shop. Cute picture I think.

01.05.03; 15:15

Yes, yes! Just smile as long as you can :-)

01.05.03; 15:16

This restrooms are definitively really interesting places.

01.05.03; 15:18

Once more the border from the USA side.

01.05.03; 16:08

Mr. Kuru slept like a sheep. As soon he is in a car he started to sleep and to snore. But his snore is not normal, I mean it is more like a fuc.... power saw. If he will (so god wants) be married one day I just can say: poor wife. Maybe it will be better if she takes her own room and let him sleep somewhere in the guest room or something like this.

01.05.03; 17:01

After we returned from our TJ trip, I started to pack my things in my bags. I just had too many things. Unbelievable what I bought during this time.

01.05.03; 17:01

It was a unsatisfactorily mission to do this but in the end I finished quite successful and everything found its place to be.

01.05.03; 18:57

All my life in this five bags.

01.05.03; 19:54

The last night and the last dinner. Once more we went to the a really good sushi restaurant near Regents Road. I went there often with Tiger and about two times with my swiss friends. I really like this place because the food is good, the waiter are very friendly and it is not so expensive.

01.05.03; 20:21

Look at this!!! Very delicious. Unfortunately, it is almost not possible to eat sushi here in switzerland. It is just too expensive. We paid for all together including soup, beverage and salad about 55$. I will miss this restaurant, just like Key's sandwich.

01.05.03; 20:59

The three cabrones after the dinner.

01.05.03; 22:37

Afterwards we went to play bowling. It is the same bowling place as you have already seen on my homepage.

01.05.03; 23:16

All of us played more or less the same way and it was always exciting until the end.

02.05.03; 01:54

Later this night in our hotel room. Everything was more or less ready to go.

02.05.03; 02:38

Simsalabim shaved himself. With his flowered pyjama shorts

02.05.03; 02:40

Muratchen almost slept....

02.05.03; 07:17

Early in the next morning we had to check in at the San Diego airport. The security controls are no pleasure but we had luck and not big problems to enter the airplane then.

02.05.03; 07:55

Our airplane from San Diego to Texas.

02.05.03; 09:14

I absolutely like this picture because it shows how different the fields are looking.

02.05.03; 10:52

My neighbour during the flight. He slept after a hard party night.

02.05.03; 11:28

Some GI's on their way to I don't know....

02.05.03; 11:45

What a cute picture!!! The hen and her chickens. Don't ask me who the hen is :-)

02.05.03; 12:35

Sometimes they played around. Somehow Murat always really enjoyed this games. Really no idea why...

02.05.03; 12:44

This was our airplane from Texas to Zurich.

03.05.03; 07:55

And finally back in zurich, switzerland. Kind of tired, kind of sad but also a little bit happy that everything was fine and we had not problems at the border or at the custom.

03.05.03; 10:37

In front of my house....

03.05.03; 11:29

...and with all the things I brought back from the USA.

04.05.03; 17:49

If you look very clearly you can see the mountains in the background of the picture. It was a wonderful day we came back and the weather is still beautiful. I am happy that it was not raining because it makes it much easier to adapt again to the ordinary world with some sun at the sky.


This were the last pictures of my vacation in the USA. And now I am very tired because of my jet lag and I need to sleep.

Good night!!!