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Dies war eine wirklich interessante Woche wo wir einiges gesehen und erlebt haben. Ausserdem sind wir in fünf Tagen über 3'000 km gefahren und der Mercedes hat durchgehalten. Zwischenzeitlich ist aber die Wasserpumpe kaputt gegangen und der arme Kerl musst in die Garage.

Letzten Dienstag sind wir aufgebrochen um Las Vegas, Grand Canyon und ein bisschen vom Real America zu sehen. Es waren lustige und gleichzeitig erlebnisreiche und anstrengende Tage. Aber zu guter Letzt sind wir alle gesund und munter wieder zurück nach San Diego gekehrt.

Was mich ein wenig geschockt hat war Las Vegas. Das dort irgendwelche (dummen) Pärchen heiraten ist ja bekannt, dass sie ihre Hochzeitsnacht aber im Casino und nicht im (Hotel) Bett verbringen hat mich dann doch ein wenig schockiert. Sogar ich als Hochzeitsgegner finde dies doch ziemlich unromantisch. Wie auch immer, jedem das seine und mir das meine.

Diese letzten paar Tage verbringen wir hier in San Diego mit shoppen und ein wenig sightseeing. Ich meinerseits habe diverse Freunde wo ich mich noch verabschieden will und die letzten lustigen Stunden verbringe bevor wir am Freitag Morgen zurück in die Schweiz fliegen. Damit wird mein vier monatiges Abendteuer dann entgültig vorbei sein und der graue Alltag wird mich wieder einholen.

Was bleibt sind über 1'500 Fotos und die Erinnerung an diese wertvolle und schöne Erfahrung...(Hat mir jemand ein Taschentuch, will meine Tastatur nicht mit Tränen füllen :-) )

Das nächste mal werde ich euch wohl aus der Schweiz schreiben.

Bis dahin alles Gute und haltet die Ohren oder sonstwas steif!

El editor, Tomi Tomato


22.04.03; 14:22

Muratchen got ready for the trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and LA. His dream must be quite hot I guess. For me it looks like he is touching himself :-)

22.04.03; 15:28

Our first goal was to reach Las Vegas which is about 5 hours from San Diego by car. Las Vegas is situated in the desert and this was some hundert miles before we reached the city in the evening. It was a quite and funny ride to Nevada.

22.04.03; 16:49

The first hotel we saw was the Madalay Bay. I visited Las Vegas six years before and I was surprised how many new hotels they have built during this short time. But this one is one of the biggest! It has an aquarium inside with more than 100 sharks in it!!! Absolutely amazing.

22.04.03; 17:14

One of the world famous wedding chapels. In Las Vegas are hunderts of them and they are also often used. I am absolutely not a romantic guy but even I think this is a very special way to marry. However, we saw several couples doing this in one of this chapels.

22.04.03; 17:15

The highest roller coaster in the world. On the top of this tower is one of this coasters. We did not try it but I am quite sure it must be a lot of fun to ride this thing.

22.04.03; 17:25

Las Vegas Boulvard, yes we were definitively in the city of dreams.

22.04.03; 17:32

This is one of the most amazing things for me in the world. Siegfried and Roy. How can they survive with their show over years and years and years and be still successful? For me it is a miracle.

22.04.03; 19:11

My two pals playing in our hotel room. We stayed in the new Paris hotel. Unfortunately this hotel is in the moment not so pupular because the american don't like the french at all. So there were nowhere french flags or something like this. Anyway, the hotel was comfortable and affordable.

22.04.03; 19:16

This is how it is looking insight the hotel. Like some streets in Paris. Almost all the hotels in Las Vegas have something special insight and it is a pleasure to walk through them and to see all the fancy ideas which were realised.

22.04.03; 19:20

Now some hotels inside and outside in Las Vegas.

This one is the Bellagio....

22.04.03; 19:21

.....again our Paris hotel with an eiffel tour outside....

22.04.03; 19:23 in front of our hotel....

22.04.03; 19:48

....Simsalabim and Muratchen trying to win some money in one of the uncountable casinos...

22.04.03; 21:53

....the entrance to the Flamingo hotel.....

22.04.03; 22:04

....the real flamingos in the hotel...

22.04.03; 22:08

..... Ceasar Palace in which during this year Celine Dion is singing....

22.04.03; 22:17

...the Ballys in front and again the eiffel tour in the back....

22.04.03; 22:17

...our hotel from the front side....

22.04.03; 22:25

... the Harley Davidson cafe...

22.04.03; 22:31

....Simsalabim with two of his new won cars....

22.04.03; 22:35

..the New York New York hotel with his own roller coaster around the building....

22.04.03; 22:39

.....Las Vegas by night.....

22.04.03; 22:44 favorite hote the Excalibur outside, just like in a fairy tale (I am wondering in which tower the princess is sleeping)....

22.04.03; 23:09

.... the little town insight the Luxor hotel which is still my preferred one....

22.04.03; 23:10

....the small pyramide in the pyramide....

22.04.03; 23:15

...all the fantastic statue from the ancient egypt...

22.04.03; 23:17

...and the gigantic statue outside in front of this impressive hotel....

22.04.03; 23:23

....another casino in one of the hotels...

23.04.03; 00:27 the foreground the New York New York and in the background again the towers of the Excalibur hotel.....

23.04.03; 01:21

....and last but not least, a bride after her romantic marriage relaxing in one of the casinos while playing. (Stupid!!!)

23.04.03; 11:39

Another chocolate side of Las Vegas are the taxis. There are a lot of them in the town and they are very good looking, special their backside:-)

23.04.03; 11:40

The Luxor hotel by day. On the left side you can see the pyramide with rooms and the casino inside while on the right side is only a hotel tower.

23.04.03; 13:43

On our way to the Grand Canyon we crossed beautiful landscape. This picture is taken in Arizona.

23.04.03; 13:56

Miles or kilometers of streets in the middle of nothing. It is amazing how many millions kilometer of street you can find in this country. Most of them are just straight over a enormous distance.

23.04.03; 15:20

This is the Zion Canyon nationalpark in Utah. I saw this pretty place already six years ago and this time it was again a pleasure to drive through this peaceful park.

23.04.03; 15:21

We even found some snow in this park. For this reason it was cold up there and we were happy to have the heater in our car. Fortunately the weather was good and the sun was shining almost all the time.

23.04.03; 16:06

On our way to the Grand Canyon we also killed thousand of small animals and our windscreen looked like a desaster.

23.04.03; 17:33

We had also to cross an enormous dam on our way. This dam is so imposing if you stay on it. It is not possible to describe the feeling but it is thrilling.

23.04.03; 17:35

Just another view from the imposing dam.

23.04.03; 18:01

Tomi Tomato is enjoying the ride.

23.04.03; 18:03

130 Miles before Flagstaff we crossed this cleft. Unfortunately, it is not visible how beautiful the sun was shining through it.

23.04.03; 18:07

The three cabrones in front of an indian reservation. (From left to right: Tomi Tomato himself, Muratchen and last but not least Simsalabim)

23.04.03; 19:13

Sometimes the vacation are changing to a business trip. In this case, Muratchen tried to help the plants to stay green in the desert. But I think he reached the opposite and killed them after he finished with watering them.

24.04.03; 11:46

Here he is!!! The world famous Grand Canyon. But really, you have to see it by your own. These pictures never can show the the fantastic, impressive and absolutely unique view from this Canyon. It is breath taking.....

24.04.03; 12:45

....and just a picture like this can surpass the natural beauty of this place.

24.04.03; 13:12

The same Canyon but some miles more in the west.

24.04.03; 16:16

We followed for some hours the historic route 66 which crosses the USA from Chicago at the east coast to Los Angeles at the west coast. It is the dream from any Harley driver to drive this road once in his live. But also by car it is an unforgettably experience.

24.04.03; 16:49

And here they are, the real kings of the Route 66!

24.04.03; 16:49

A few more in the back mirror.

24.04.03; 17:15

Do you know Hackberry in Arizona? No? You should change it and visit this place. We were completely surprised to find such a place in the middle of nothing!

24.04.03; 17:18

El Tomato with the H2. The successor of the original Hummer. It is not just a huge car it is also a piece of american car and army history. I love this car because it is unique in its form and engine.

24.04.03; 17:18

Isn't like a picture?

24.04.03; 17:42

They had a big collection of different shirts. Also the colors were very interesting and it took a exactely look to check all this out. That's what I did here.

24.04.03; 17:42

In front of the house: a 57 corvette. This is the dream of every corvette driver and I think this car really fits me. But I love my spider and so there is no danger that I could switch this cars. But this one is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen.

25.04.03; 00:21

Simsalabim is a Brummbär that's why he slept all the time. I love this picture.... and he hates it:-)

25.04.03; 14:57

Back in LA we went again shopping. Murat took a deep view at the silver they had to offer in this shop. Meanwhile Gurjit controlled the entrance to protect our lives against brutal americans.

25.04.03; 15:07

Another car which keeps my blood pressure quite high.

I have here to admit that the americans have the nicer, better and faster cars than we have in europe. You can see all cars we have here and much more interesting ones.

25.04.03; 17:28

Hollywood..... where my movie career will start one day!

25.04.03; 17:30

The same place but in another direction. Behind Tomi Tomato the city of Los Angeles with downtown in the center of the picture. This town is one of the five biggest ones in the world. And also one of the most dangerous ones, just like Mexico City. But as you can see they are not so dangerous because I survived even I visited both of them.

26.04.03; 13:19

Disgusting!!! This is what she understand under hard work. Sitting at Venice Beach showing her breasts and asking for some money to enlarge them.

I think her brain felt down and is a part of her boobs.

26.04.03; 13:19

Aha, interesting!!!

26.04.03; 15:21

Again a car we never will see in europe. It is a Lexus coupe. Just beautiful!

29.04.03; 13:15

Last but not least, I changed my hair colors. Please keep this picture in mind in case you meet me in person and you will not recognize me.

That's how I am looking now....


Once more thank you very much for your support and your attention during my time here in the USA. It was for me a pleasure to keep you up to date with the homepage and I hope you enjoyed a little bit together with me my adventures and my weekly life here in the country of the war friendly government!


Hasta luego,

El Tomato