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Zurück in San Diego habe ich mich zuerst einmal an das kalte Wetter gewöhnen müssen. Im Gegensatz zu Mexiko ist es hier nicht mehr möglich mit kurzen Hosen den ganzen Tag rum zu laufen. Aber immerhin scheint die Sonne meistens und mit einem Pullover lässt es sich ziemlich gut aushalten.

Leider ist mein Zimmer zwischenzeitlich mit einem anderen Studenten belegt und aus diesem Grund habe ich mich im Wohnzimmer eingeniestet. Das ist nicht mehr so komfortabel aber immerhin habe ich noch mehr oder weniger ein Bett und ein Platz wo ich meine sieben Sachen aufbewahren kann.

Am letzten Samstag konnte ich Murat und Grujit am Flugafen abholen. Welch eine Freude wieder einmal ein paar bekannte Gesichter zu sehen und den ganzen Tag im einfach wunderbaren Berndeutsch zu kommunizieren.

Morgen werden wir losfahren um Las Vegas und ein paar andere Plätze zu besichtigen.

Wünscht uns gute Fahrt!

Tomi Tomato


16.04.2003; 08:36

My new "room". It is not that comfortable anymore but it is still a place where I can sleep and put my things. I will stay only more 10 days here in San Diego and for this time the place is okay.

On this picture you can see my bed and the dead zebra I use to cover myself.

16.04.2003; 08:36

My new office. High-tech next to the kitchen. The chairs I use to keep my clothes ready.

18.04.2003; 15:40

Last friday I went to play golf for the first time in my life. It is quite a fastidiously sport and it needs a great deal of concentration to bring the ball to the place you want. But it is also a lot of fun and special in America it is an affordable sport.

In San Diego exist about 50 golf places. It is amazing how beautiful and green all this places are.

18.04.2003; 15:41

The small golf cars. Sometimes the cars have even a navigation system on board. Amazing!

Unfortunately, there was no possibility for me to drive one of this things but I really would like to do this one day. Maybe, I just have to start playing golf to drive one of this cars.

18.04.2003; 15:56

The "Driving Ranch". The only thing you do here is throwing as much golf balls as possible on the field. We had a casket with about 225 balls. After the 60's ball I was quite tired :-)

18.04.2003; 17:35

The best job is to drive the small golf car which collects the balls after they landed somewhere on the field. And it seems to be a hobby from some of the golfers to try to shut on this car. Sometimes they are quite successful.

18.04.2003; 17:40

A big golf fan!

19.04.2003; 16:44

Saturday. I had to pick up my friends at the airport and on the way to the airport I took this picture. It is once more the skyline of San Diego as you can see from Point Loma. Wonderful, deep blue sea and some small ships on their way to the port.

19.04.2003; 16:47

One of the yacht ports in San Diego. Here are a lot of them and it seems that every third San Diegan has his own yacht. Most of them are small and very pretty.

19.04.2003; 16:55

This is the San Diego Airport. It is not a very big ariport but it is a quite busy place. Every two minuts and thirty seconds an airplane is landing.

19.04.2003; 17:15

Ahhhh, finally they arrived at time. I was surprised how punctual they were.

19.04.2003; 17:16

After an almost 24 hours trip, Simsalabim looked a little bit tired.

21.04.2003; 14:35

La Jolla Cove. It's just one of the most beautiful places I ever have seen. And it's always good to take a picture here. These days we have strong waves and it is a pleasure for all the surfers to fight against this waves.

21.04.2003; 14:42

The seals in La Jolla Cove. Basically they have a very good live. They lay just in the sand and sometimes they swim into the sea to hunt and to eat some fishes. Only some sharks are their natural enemies. Usually, there are not many sharks next to the coast and so the seals just live like in paradise.

21.04.2003; 14:42

Simsalabin and Senor Kuru. Two good looking boys in front of their siblings :-)

21.04.2003; 14:46

Just another sibling. The girl who took the picture insisted that I took off my cap and that's what I did.

21.04.2003; 16:10

After we visited the coves we went to the old school which Murat and The Tongue visited in 1997. This is the Mc Donald Hall. It's the place which the students eat and where dozens of different nationalities come together.

21.04.2003; 16:17

He is just smiling because he visited the restroom and he feel some pounds lightly.

21.04.2003; 16:19

It was a emotional moment for Murat. He lived there for eight months and he had a lot of memories about this time. I think he thought about a funny thing which happend six years ago.

That time he was young and good looking. That's how it can change. So be careful with your youth and enjoy it as good as possible. One day you will be also 29 years old and nothing is like before :-)

21.04.2003; 16:27

This is the campus from Alliant University. Some of the students who live not with a host family live here on the ground of the campus. They have even two different pools.

21.04.2003; 16:31

The wash rooms. As I saw this I was once more very happy that someone was washing my dirty clothes. Somehow the machines look very old and they seem not to work probably. But that is just a guess, I never tried to wash something with them.


21.04.2003; 17:03

Murat's host families house. It is situated at the Torero Street in Mira Mesa. I wanted him to visit his old family but he did not like my idea. So we just took the picture and left the family in peace.

21.04.2003; 17:07

TheTongues house. Pretty and very close to Murat's home. I think they had a great time there, just as I had in La Jolla.

21.04.2003; 18:34

Later we went to downtown and there once more to Horton Plaza. It is for a tourist a imposingly building and in the middle of downtown.

Somehow this picture remember me at New York few years ago.

21.04.2003; 23:13

Simsalabim in Front of San Diego. Taken from Mt. Soledad. It is the place you have to visit during night. Just amazing and absolutely beautiful.


So, I have to go to bed it is already 1:37 am and we want to go tomorrow to Las Vegas. I hope you enjoyed this small edition of my newest pictures.

Ten more days and we will be back in good old switzerland! I am looking forward to meet again all of you.

See you, Tomi Tomato