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In dieser Woche besuchte ich eine Anzahl interessanter und altertümlicher Städte in der Region um Irapuato. Irapuato ist eine Stadt im Staat Guanajuato und rund zwei Autostunden von Mexico City entfernt. Es gibt eine grosse Anzahl von Städten die von den Spaniern erbaut wurden und bis heute gut erhalten sind.

Ausserdem besuchten wir eine Mine. In dieser Mine wird nach Gold, Silber und Edelsteinen jeglicher Art gesucht. Die Arbeiter verdienen pro Tag 50 Pesos dies entspricht in etwa sFr. 6.55. Ein Corona in einer normalen Disco kostet etwa 20 Pesos. Den Rest könnt ihr euch selber ausmalen. Auf jeden Fall war es für mich sehr interessant dies zu sehen und ausserdem wahnsinnig eindrücklich, da die Mine bereits seit 500 Jahren betrieben wird.

Noch kurz was zum Wetter, in den knapp vier Wochen wo ich dort war habe ich kein einziges mal Regen gesehen.

Viel Spass...

PS. Die Polizei ist der Inbegriff für Bestechlichkeit!

I took this picture in Guanajuato the capitol of the state Guanajuato. It is a very old and interesting city. Before it became a town it was a place for gold and silver. That's why it still has a lot of mines around this place.
Under the town is a huge labyrinth of ways back from the time as the city was a big mine.

It is amazing to see all the streets and the small alleys.

The town is special beautiful during the night with all the lights.

During august they have two week event with a great many of international culture such as singers, actors, dancers. It must be great to see this.

The corruptos in action. They are all over the place, in every city on every highway even in the super market.
This building is the university of Guanajuato. The town has a lot of foreigners who study at this university. It is a beautiful and very clean place. During the night the building is looking like a castle with all the lights.
This is a daily market in the center of the town. You can buy almost everything you want.
The market with all the different things they sell.
Teatro Juarez. Around this theater you can find a lot of diffrent things in silver. They sell it for a really cheap price.
An old and colorful church in the center of Guanajuato.
The colorful houses of the city.
This is the entrance to the mine I mentioned already before. The place is called "Mina Mineral de Cata". It was for me an extremely interesting place to visit and to see how they work inside. Everything from hand, no machines. Amazing.
Some pictures from the mine....
.... the deep shaft in the ground of the soil....
....the machines they use to bring all the soil up.....
..... the tunnel to bring the soil outside the mine...
....another machine to bring the soil towards the sunlight...
Querétaro, a wonderful and absolutely clean town in the state of Guanajuato. For me it was very impressing how clean the town is compared with almost all the other places I have seen. Beautiful.
I think that's why Querétaro is also a town witch is protected by the UNESCO.
Dos méxican cabrónes. Cesar y Luis!
A well in the middle of the town. It shows a spanish guy.
An aztec. The aztecs were from high importance for Mexico that's why you can find them all over the country.
A viaduct in Querétaro.
Again the town of Guanajuato. Typical houses and unfortunately a lot of garbage all over the place. I can't understand why these people just everything throw in the environment insteed to throw it in the garbage can.
The colorful houses from the city.
This town is Dolores Hidalgo. A small place in the middle of nowhere. But it has a lot of marvelously buildings.
The same church as before but inside.
This is the restaurant from the castle "Castillo de Santa Cecila". It is a old castle which was renewed and which is now used as a hotel. It is in the town of Guanajuato and one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen.
The castel outside. Unfortunately the photo is not so good but the place is gorgeously.
This is the Callejón del Beso. The legend says that two lovers were staying in the left and in the right house. The father of the girl did not like the boy that's why he killed in the end his own daughter because he did not agree with their love. Very romantic, very romantic :-))))
Just another building in the town.
  So this were some impression from my second week in Mexico. I hope there were one or two pictures you liked if not go and check the fourteenth week. There are a lot of pictures from Mexico City. It is my prefered part of pictures because they are very different from what we know in europe.