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Zehnte Woche, dass schreit nach einem kleinen Jubiläum! Aus diesem Grund habe ich dieses mal ein ziemlich mehr Bilder upgeloaded als normalerweise. Über 80 Bilder könnt ihr hier bewundern, bestaunen oder was auch immer. Dieses mal habe ich versucht Sujets für sämtliche Geschmäcker zu finden. Hoffentlich ist es mir gelungen aber dass könnt ihr wohl besser beantworten als ich. Eigentlich ist es mir nicht wirklich schwer gefallen diese Bilder zu fotografieren, da ich letztes Wochenende nach Los Angeles gefahren bin um dort diverse Sehenswürdigkeiten zu bestaunen und zu besuchen. Am Samstag besuchten wir Venice Beach, Melrose Avenue, China Town und Little Tokyo. Am Sonntag dann ging hat es uns in das California Adventure verschlagen. Dies ist ein Vergnügungspark zwischen Magic Mountain und Disneyland. Es gibt nicht allzuviele krasse "Bahnen" (hmmm bin mir nicht sicher ob es für dieses Wort nicht eine bessere deutsche Bezeichnung gibt) aber immerhin wurden wir auf der einen oder der anderen doch ziemlich durchgeschüttelt:-))

Doch seht selbst!


First my pretty face! Just to make sure that you don't forget how I am looking like!

04.03.2003; 12:16


What's that? A good question and therefor a small story. Last tuesday night, Claire went out with her (meanwhile ex) boyfriend for dinner. I prepared that time the update for my homepage at home in my room. After they came back around 8 pm, they went to the living room. Sometimes I heard some speeches, sometimes kind of noise like two pigs fighting together. So I stayed for the rest of the evening and night in my room because I don't want to bother them during their romantic activities. I went to bed early without brushing my tooth just to let them their privacy.

What you can see on the picture on the right hand side is what I found in the next morning in the living room. A fell from a death zebra lying on the floor after it was used before through the night.

Up to you to imagine what they have done on it :-)

06.03.2003; 8:01


Saturday morning in front of my house! From here the trip started to LA. If there is no heavy traffic on the Interstate 5 north it is possible to reach LA within one and a half hour. In our case it tooks about two and a half hour because saturday morning is not the best time to travel on the Interstate.

08.03.2003; 08:16

Our chauffeur Yasu concentrated behind the steering wheel on the way to Los Angeles.

08.03.2003; 09:43

First we crossed LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) which is one of the biggest airports in the world. The planes flying very deep over the city before they land on the airfield. Almost as San Diego where the planes also land in the middle of the town.

08.03.2003; 10:29

The Los Angeles freeways. Sometimes you can find about eight lanes in the same direction. For someone who is used to the swiss streets might be a little bit confused in the beginning. But you really get used to it fast. To drive in the USA is much more relaxed than in europe. Special in california the drivers are very friendly and usually less aggressiv than swiss ones.

08.03.2003; 10:30

After two and a half hour we reached our first destination, Venice Beach. This is one of the most famous beaches in the entire country.

08.03.2003; 11:51

Venice Beach has its own police department. From my point of view it is a great advantage to have the office direct at the beach special if it's almost every day good weather and warm.

08.03.2003; 11:52

Where is Pamela Anderson? Unfortunately, I did not find her that day at her usual work place.

08.03.2003; 11:54

The ways at the beach are also a paradise for any sports. It is well-known under all the roller blades driver..

08.03.2003; 11:55

Wow look at this! The foundation of the LA police was over 200 years ago. I did not know that the USA have such a ancient history:-)

08.03.2003; 12:08

Now some impressions from the beach and the people at the beach....

08.03.2003; 12:24

....some tourists, I think.....

08.03.2003; 12:25

....this I always like to see. There are a great many of anti war speeches and people where demonstrate at different occasion against a war and against their president. It's good to see that 50 % of the americans do not support their government and in special not Mr. Bush.

08.03.2003; 12:27


08.03.2003; 12:31

.....seller at the beach....

08.03.2003; 12:39

....a guy who wears two pants....

08.03.2003; 12:40

..... a muscle machine....

08.03.2003; 12:40

..... a too old lady with too short shorts....

08.03.2003; 12:41

..... some tattoo freaks (I am not sure but I really think I saw the guy already 6 years ago at the beach).....

08.03.2003; 12:44

..... another performer.....

08.03.2003; 12:44

......musician or maybe only hippies from the 1960's....

08.03.2003; 12:45

....the one and only: Harley Davidson.....

08.03.2003; 12:46

....a shop. If you find a shop with clothes you will find girls always too.....

08.03.2003; 12:47

....the café collage next to Venice Beach.

08.03.2003; 12:56

After the beach we went to Melrose Avenue. This is the avenue where the world famous soap Melrose Place was made. It is a paradise for girls I think. There is a great number of shops, speical for clothes. And I took also some impressions from this place to show you...

08.03.2003; 14:03

....good first impression!!!!! :-)) .....

08.03.2003; 14:03

....all the shops. Clothes, shoes and some other useful things....

08.03.2003; 14:06

08.03.2003; 14:18

.....streets and cars and signs and blue sky....

08.03.2003; 14:43

....another car, cellular shop...

08.03.2003; 14:43

..... underwear shop or maybe I should write lingerie....

08.03.2003; 14:43

....some funny guys on the sidewalk..

08.03.2003; 14:54

.....what are the guys looking for????

08.03.2003; 15:06

Aha. Typical men! They are so cheap in their mind and some of them have such dirty thought! I can't stand it anymore! :-)

08.03.2003; 15:07

A nice couple of bo.... ähhh I mean a nice couple.

08.03.2003; 15:08

Again cars, streets, a pedestrian xing....

08.03.2003; 15:11


08.03.2003; 15:12

....and many walking people at the street. That was live from Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. If you are here or there or anywhere, however you should visit this place and I am sure you will enjoy it anyways:-)

08.03.2003; 15:36

Same day, same city but another place. China Town in Los Angeles. If you ever went to the big cities in the USA you will know this places. Almost all of this towns have some places like China Town, Japanese Town or Korean Town.

08.03.2003; 17:24

China Town in San Francisco is bigger than this one in Los Angeles I think. At least I prefer the San Francisco one because as far as I know it is more identically with real china.

08.03.2003; 17:27

The china new year starts always at the 8th of february as you can see on this flags.

08.03.2003; 17:27

If you ever have seen a James Bond movie, you know this places where they usually hunts each other through the narrow places and the tender alleys. This places are looking really the same way as you see them in the cinema.

08.03.2003; 17:34

We knew it before and here is the evidence! Chinese women are absolutely on the top of the fashion and they dress themselves with the newest and modishly accessoires they can find on the market.

08.03.2003; 17:36

Sometimes you can find on the streets also really old and wise chinese men. Like this one on the right hand side. His name is tomitshi tomatshiro and he is something like the gray eminence in the china town from Los Angeles.

08.03.2003; 17:51

It is possible to buy all the typical things from china.

08.03.2003; 17:56

After our short visit in china town we went to Little Tokyo to have dinner.

08.03.2003; 18:41

The restaurant is well-known and we had to wait about 30 minuts before we got a table. I used this time to inspect the restroom area and I found something absoluteyl funny and amazing. A toilette!!!! Not really surprised??? Okay you are right but the funny thing were the papers above the toilette. Let's have a closer look......

08.03.2003; 19:23

..... now I know also what a hand towel is. There was this undoubted example at the wall. Good to know!

08.03.2003; 19:23

The food was delicious, healthy and absolutely digestible. I like asian food. Unfortunately it is too expensive to eat sushi in switzerland. But here it's no problem to enjoy this food it costs not a fortune.

08.03.2003; 19:59

This picture was taken in a dramaticaly instant. A car came down from the freeway followed by a police car. The car stopped and the police officer left his car with the gun in his hand pointing on the driver from the first car and yelled something to the driver. That's all we have seen because it was only a short moment. Unfortunately Kunis head is covering the police officer.

08.03.2003; 21:03

New day, new luck! After a short night in a Holiday Inn Hotel we were ready to visit California Adventures in Anaheim. This is one of two theme parks they have there. The other one is Disneyworld. We parked the car in a gigantic parking lot and traveled by small buses to the park.

09.03.2003; 09:48

Again the fascinating way to travel. I liked this small cars.

09.03.2003; 09:49

My japaneses were so excited about the visit. Mitsue (the girl on the left) used to work for the Tokyo Disneyworld in Japan. She told me that every staff member like to work there and that it is a pleasure for them .

09.03.2003; 10:14

The Golden Gate brige from San Francisco.

09.03.2003; 10:14

First we enjoyed the ride on the "over california". It is like you sit in a airplane and you fly over the whole state. Here some impressions from this attraction......

09.03.2003; 10:43

....snow, somewhere in a national park in california.....

09.03.2003; 10:43

....a waterfall....

09.03.2003; 10:43

......a para glider.....

09.03.2003; 10:44

.....war ships in the harbor from San Diego...

09.03.2003; 10:44

.... a war helicopter in the San Diego area.....

09.03.2003; 10:44

....Los Angeles by night......

09.03.2003; 10:46

....and last but not least a firework.

09.03.2003; 10:46

A funny rollercoaster for kids. It looks not really scary to me and actually I did not ride this one.

09.03.2003; 11:43

A ferris wheel in the middle of the artificial lake.

09.03.2003; 11:46

Foto shooting before the ride.

09.03.2003; 12:21

Some impressions from the park and the environment....

09.03.2003; 12:21

.....the same rollercoaster as before....

09.03.2003; 12:22

......the most scary one....

09.03.2003; 12:47

....shooting his passengers within seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.....

09.03.2003; 12:47

....and seconds later they fall back against the ground....

09.03.2003; 12:47

..... Micky Mouse?? I don't think so but something like this.....

09.03.2003; 12:48

....another highspeed rollercoaster with serveral loops and frighteningly movements.

09.03.2003; 12:48

As usual they took a picture from our ride and I took a picture from the picture. Not that good quality but you still can see what it is.

09.03.2003; 13:55

Actually it was not so hot at this day but this was no reason for this two bikini girls not to wear their swim suits..... but a reason for me to take a picture from them:-)

09.03.2003; 14:46

One of the loops.

09.03.2003; 14:57

Hmmmm, it seems that the clouds were a little bit deep at this day :-))

09.03.2003; 15:52

Another view, but the same rollercoaster.

09.03.2003; 17:48

The ferris wheel was our last ride in the park. As you can see, Mitsue was not so happy with the special feeling we got on this attraction. She don't like high places and the wheel was definitively quite high.

09.03.2003; 17:52

Last but not least: That's what I send you from california!!!!!!

09.03.2003; 18:18


Shit, this was the longest story ever! My hands are hurting from writing and my head is empty after all the words I used for this report. However, the trip to LA was thrilling and exciting.

This weekend I have my final exams. Friday the interview and saturday all the writings. Suddenly I get a little bit nervous because sometimes I don't remember the easiest words and the simplest grammar. Maybe it is only because we are in the last week and everything will be back at the important days. I hope so. Anyway, I wish you a good week!