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Aus aktuellem Anlass, können wir hier einige Bildchen veröffentlichen, die ihr sonst NIEMEHR zu sehen bekommt! Also geniesst den Anblick solange sie online geschaltet sind!!!!

Der Inhaber dieser Seite lehnt aber sämtliche Haftung betreffend dem Inhalt oder irgendwelchen anstössigen Bildern ab. Anschauen und sich daran aufgeilen erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr!

Nun aber viel Spass!


Enjoy IT!!!!!



Rini and his girlfriend Tanja on the way to the Airport in Zurich. At this moment they are looking kind of happy, but this will change soon :-))))

03.01.2003; 7:55


Our aircraft. A Boeing, don't ask me anymore what type it was. However the flight was really fine and without stress....

03.01.2003; 13:57



Nice picture. Taken somewhere over a place with much ice

3.01.2003; 17:32



Almost a crash with another aircraft.

03.01.2003; 18:14



WOW!!! San Diego by night....

04.01.2003; 02:20



Our first "american car". The good looking lady at the HERTZ rent station told us, that it's a good offer... but as we got the bill for 5 days it wasn't that good offer anymore :-( about 700 $.

04.01.2003; 04:20


Rinis House Tiger.

04.01.2003: 11.08


Rinis Home. I think it's the typical american way to live. Maybe for us a little bit to much mawkishly.

04.01.2003; 11:12


Our wonderful Jaguar in front of Rinis home.

04.01.2003; 11:18



This is a building in San Diego Downtown. It's the Macy's shopping center. Nearby the Horton Plaza. Booth are really nice places to shop, but quite expensive.

04.01.2003; 14:35


Still San Diego Downtown.

04.01.2003; 14:36


The Horton Plaza

04.01.2003; 15:38


Wonderful Jaguar, what a car!!!

4.01.2003; 15:59


What a boy in front of this car. They fit together like bread and butter!

04.01.2003; 16:00


America seems to be ready to hit Iraq once more. I definatelly don't agree with this war, but it seems, that nobody can stop Mr. Bush.

04.01.2003; 16:06


Mi casa!!! Juhuiii... It's absolutely great! From outside and from inside too. I had luck to come to such a good place... Till now everything is just great!

04.01.2004; 16:33


The coast of La Jolla.

04.01.2003; 16:58


The seals, 10 minuts from my home.

04.01.2003; 17:09


Another sunset in La Jolla and everytime it's something beauty- and wonderful.

05.01.2003; 16:59


Beach in La Jolla.

05.01.2003; 17:03


The enctrance to my home building. It is really looking like a hotel from outside. Just no reception.

But the first time i went here it was kind of difficult for me to find out how to deal with the bell. You need to find your appartment first, then you have to call this number. Not that easy for a blond swiss boy!

05.01.2003; 17:18


The entrance inside the building.

05.01.2003; 17:21


Our door to the appartment.

05.01.2003; 17:22


My room.

05.01.2003; 17:23


Another picture of the flat.

06.01.2003; 13:05


The kitchen.

06.01.2003; 13:06


One part of the living room....

06.01.2003; 13:09


....and the other part of the living room.

06.01.2003; 13:12


Now a small history where happend to me.. not nice, but true :-) I think it can happend to everyone. The problem with this american toliettes is only, that they can't handle a normal "swiss shit"!

07.01.2003; 15:33


Rinis idea was then, to clean the toilette by hand! So we prepared ourself to do this task. The emotion were not really high.....

07.01.2003; 15:35


Unfortunatelly Rini was not the guy to complete this task. So i had the "shit work" while he took this funny pictures!

07.01.2003; 15:34


WOW!!! Good feeling....

07.01.2003; 15:37


But deep in the toilette i really found something what in this moment seemed to block the way for the water.... Yes, it's not only looking like it is what you think!!!!

07.01.2003; 15:37


But it was not yet the solution.. That meant for me: Back to work!!!

07.01.2003; 15: 40


But nothing worked! It was kind of sad and stinky. So Claire, my "mother" told me to use this funny thing. (I have seen it till now only in movies, never uses it befor)

7.01.2003; 15:50


I've tried and tried....

07.01.2003, 15:52


...and in the end it worked!!! Juhuiii... I was lucky that my work was not for the nuts!!!!

07.01.2003; 15:55


So, the last picture for this sesson!! My small friend our House Tiger! It's a boy and really nice....

07.01.2003; 21:13

  07.01.2003; 22:28

So this is the first part of my picture report from 92037 San Diego, CA!

Hope to see ya soon!

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